InoVane Inertial Vane Separator

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Droplet separators

Improved separation
All around us there are installations where there are needs for improved separation from flying water droplets in the air. This is not only critical naval installations on boats or of shore oil platforms, or in areas where there is a rain of tropical nature.

This also applies to many existing installations where traditional air intakes are forced to work with the high air speeds.

Saving energy
By using weather protection designed with Vane profiles of the type InoVane®, which is designed to drain all the separated water to a much higher air speeds, problems can be avoided with the ingress of water. 

As a bonus, we also provide a much lower pressure drop , saving energy in the system.

InoVane® is a water droplet separator that utilizes water droplet own operating energy to separate water droplets from the air stream. This is done by means of specially shaped labyrinth Vane profiles which controls the air in such a manner that water droplets own kinetic energy forces the water to separate away from the air stream. The separated water droplets then drained vertically downward by its own weight, InoVanes internal drainage is designed so that the water never will be drawn back to the air stream

InoVane® weather protection can be combined with a de-misting coalescor filter to further increase the degree of separation of very fine water droplets and filter the existence of flying solid particles that may occur at sea off lands such as desert or heavy industry.

InoVane® weather protection are available in a number of different variants and materials. Common for the different variants of the InoVane® is that it recognizes the systems air velocity as a factor of the channel’s gross area , this differs from traditional types where you need to reduce about 50% of the channel’s gross area to obtain its design velocity .

Recommended air velocity for a traditional type is about 1-2 m / s calculated at the channel net area (50% of gross area ) , using InoVane® would the area of this vent easily be reduced by 50% , or flow can be increased by 100% or more.

Drop size limitation
InoVane® S100 Lv = 15-21 µm
InoVane® S170 Hv = 15-23 µm

Smallest droplet
With the drop size limitation means the smallest droplet size which is fully separated out from the air stream.

Comparatively droplet size in ”real world”.
Mist:           50   –    100 µm
Drizzle:       200 –    500 µm
Raindrop:   500 –    10.000 µm

This efficiency is dependent on design of the weather protection, distance between InoVane® profiles and air velocity .

Eurovent 2/5
Test results shows that vane profiles used in InoVane® intake systems fulfill the normative standard Eurovent 2/5 for intake systems with large margin.
Eurovent 2/5 demands that systems must eliminate water loads of
approx. 1,5 l /m/ min.

Factor  x10
InoVane® is capable to handle water loads more than factor  x10 based on Eurovent 2/5 . At this very high load, the system shows a separation efficiency of 100 % at droplet size >= 15 µm.