Auxiliary equipment for Industrial and Power plants

Multiple functions
7 Way develops products and systems for industrial and power plants.
One of our strengths lies in an ambitious effort to combine attractive price as well as performance in a positive association.
This is made possible by our own design within 7 Way and with the greatest sensitivity to manufacturing as well as the necessary requirements for the installation.

We provide multiple functions in one-unit solutions, may include:

-Electrical installation
-Filter housings

Our commitments
Complete and assembled solutions delivered for industrial installations as well as for installations on power plants where there may be extreme demands on materials, this could be caused by risk for explosion due to gas operation.
We have extensive experience with design and supply where there are requirements for Ex demands on both electrical equipment as well as installations.
In our commitments, we perform missions in new installations as well as alterations or supply of spare parts and consumable materials.

Our role
-Problem solving
-Technical proposals