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Building a successful business requires time, dedication and hard work. With this, we want to show our customers that they are dealing with credit worthy and well managed company

Welcome to 7 Way and our website!  This website shows only a small selection of what we offer, do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion.

7 Way develops, markets and sells products and systems for industrial and power plants.

One of our strengths lies in an ambitious effort to combine attractive price as well as performance in a positive association. This is made possible by our own design within 7 Way and with the greatest sensitivity to manufacturing as well as the necessary requirements for the installation.

Further one of our strengths is that we are fast, flexible and can deliver fully finished products.

One philosophy
7 Way Solution is an Scandinavian company that sells high value added engineered solutions both to end users and repeat customers. The aim is to be the market leader in the industry for product quality, product innovation,
on – time delivery, customer service and return on investment.
Many Solutions
7 Way Solution manufactures and sells high end solutions throughout the world. The products are typical used in Industry & Power Plants applications where all aspects, from design to manufacturing are encompassed.

Our products

Oil Mist Eliminators

Fiber bed candle Filter for turbines & engines Lube Oil Ventilation

De - Misting Seperators

Knited mesh pad for air intakes & process droplet seperation

Air Filters

Static and carbon filters HVAC & industrial applications Dust and gas filtration

Air & Anti icing Heaters

Electrical and liquid  heaters HVAC & industrial applications for safe & ex areas

InoVane Weather Louvre water mist droplet grid grilles protection. 3 stage IFS Air Intake with InoVane water mist droplet separator, integrated filter housing and silencer, all with service door, drain system, transmitters and more. Heated Droplet Separator with anti-icing functionality. As more ships and offshore installations are required to operate in very cold environments, heated vane intake separator design developments have been introduced to ensure that the air inlet systems for machinery and prime movers remain open and the free passage of air is not blocked by ice or snow. Heated separator with anti-icing offers self-limiting electrical heat trace cable on every individual vane for effective prevention of ice and snow build up. The heated Vane separator guarantees a high degree of moisture droplet removal over a range of droplet sizes. Also referred as InoVane Water Mist Eliminator.

Water Droplet Separators

Vertical Vane filtration for air intakes & process water separations

Dust Storm Separators

Inertial filtration for air intakes & process sand separation

Rain & Snow Protections

Hood Soulutions for air intakes & exhaust Water & snow protection

System & Solutions

Integrations for total functionality HVAC & industrial For safe & ex areas


Intakes & exhaust duct type HVAC & industrial applications Noise reductions

Filter Housings

For air and carbon filters HVAC & industrial applications Dust and gas filtration